Our students have the right to:

• Be and feel safe.

• Learn without interruption.

• Be treated with respect and fairness.

• Communicate and be listened to.

• Use and share the equipment available at our school.

• Learn and play in a clean, safe and healthy environment.

Our students have the responsibility to:

• Help themselves and others to be safe and feel safe.

• Learn, and allow others to learn, without interruption.

• Treat others with respect and fairness.

• Listen to others and respect their opinions.

• Use, look after, and share school materials appropriately.

• Respect and care for the school and its environment.

To instill these values in our students we have:

• A positive learning environment.

• Appropriate teaching methods.

• Rigorous assessment and reporting practices.

• Caring and consistent staff.

• Effective use of positive reinforcement.

• Liaison with parents and caregivers.

• A new and innovative welfare policy.

• Clearly defined rules and consequences.

A Few Words About Us

At Sampoorna we take pride in delivering an outstanding education in a warm and nurturing environment

Our teachers are highly trained, motivated and caring individuals who are committed to helping all our students reach their full potential across all the key learning areas (KLAs) as well as the board range of extra curriculam activities the school offers We are an innovative school community supportive of the idea of life-long learning. We continuously elevate our approach to learning to ensure our school is always at cutting edge

A secure and friendly environment

Our strong relationship with all members of the school community contributes to the creation of a happy safe and secure and harmonious school environment We believe the welfare of our students and their families is paramount. We are committed the development of students who display responsibility for their own behavior and are outstanding citizens.

Strong foundations in literacy and numeracy

SES has always had a strong commitment to literacy. When students develop strong reading, writing and math skills early in life, they are less likely to get discouraged. Our experienced staff is always up-to-date on current teaching practices and we also strongly value and promote the role of parents in developing and improving children's literacy Literacy and numeracy skills are developed across all Key Learning Areas and children's progress is carefully monitored through regular assessments. In both literacy and numeracy, quality support programs and specialist staff are available to assist children experiencing difficulties.

Excellent facilities

School has safe and beautiful landscaped area.

Technology that Prepares Every Student for the Future

Sampoorna has leading technology programs and facilities. Technology is a vital component of our curriculum from Kindergarten to VIII. This is complemented by a technology room with internet access. Classroom teachers team teach with our computer teacher, allowing children to develop and explore the world of information technology. Students are able to use the networked computers in classrooms, and develop skills in the use of digital cameras, colour laser printers and scanners. Skills are developed in both research and design publishing

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